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Burnout Recovery

Are you so busy running to keep up with life that you can barely hear the tiny voice inside saying “stop! I want to get off!”? Take a moment. Shut your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Listen to your heart – is it time to step off the treadmill? Does that thought fill you with panic? Is it easier to just keep running? Don’t leave it until you hit the wall with a medical emergency, a ruined relationship, or a lost job. Open your eyes to the effects of chronic stress and burnout and seek help now.

Taking control of your treatment can be challenging, and may take more strength than you have when you’re in burnout.  As a coach I can support you to find your own route to recovery. I am not aligned with any specific treatment or modality, but I can help you access resources and find your own path back to wellness. Life after burnout can be better and more fulfilling than it was before. I’ve turned my breakdown into a breakthrough: let me help you do the same.


Stress Management

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Can’t seem to get on top of things? Never enough hours in the day? This package will enable you to get back in control, feel calm and confident, and better able to navigate life with ease. Understand the causes of stress and learn tools to reduce your stress levels. I’ll help you prioritise well, achieve critical tasks, better manage the worry. Don’t wait until you hit burnout.


Ready for Change

At certain times in our lives we need to stop, review our situation, and make a change to get back on track. We may experience this need as a sense of dissatisfaction, an increase in stress or grumpiness, or a loss in motivation. A review may also be imposed on us by a change in circumstances, or changes in family or work situation. One-on-one coaching can help someone ready for change to identify the underlying issues, understand their own reactions, and choose to make changes that will get them to where they need to be.


Life Balance

Everyone seems to be talking about finding balance in life, but is it really something you can achieve? Can you still be successful and driven, and have a balanced life? What does life balance mean anyway? In my own experience, I know I am managing my life balance well if I am satisfied with the different areas of my life. If I have time and energy to do the things that I enjoy and to be with the people that fill me up. Life generally runs smoothly and is a joy. If you’re feeling that a sense of balance in life is out of reach, I can help you take stock, understand your needs, and better manage your priorities. Don’t miss out on the precious things in life. Find your balance now.


Finding Purpose

Life is pretty good, but there is a niggly feeling that there is more to it. Something just over the horizon that will give you the energy to wake up excited every day, and really make your life hum. A sense of purpose in life can be a huge motivator, but how do you find it? Of maybe you have an inkling of your purpose, but need some help to make it a reality. How great would it feel to know what you want to achieve in life, and how to make it happen. To really give life your best shot. Get in touch. I can help.


Opening to Opportunity

What happens when you let go of ego-driven control of your life and open yourself to opportunity? Are you able to listen to your intuition and trust its guidance? Have you experienced the sense of peace and knowing that comes from trusting this voice? As you connect more and more deeply with your inner wisdom you’ll find the right opportunities just show up in front of you. You can stop fighting life and let it flow with grace and ease. You feel like you are being your authentic self. If this is where you want to be in life, I would love to support your journey.


Letting go of Limits

Is something holding you back from really mastering this thing called life? What limits do you place around yourself? Do unconscious fears and assumptions stop you embracing possibility? If you want to explore life outside the box, get in touch. I would love to support you on your journey.


Change for Good

Are you committed to improving your health and/or fitness? Do you find yourself getting drawn in by the promise of the latest diet or new exercise class, only to feel like a failure a few months later as it proves too hard to sustain the changes? What is missing is an understanding of what it takes to make sustainable change, and the support to work through the process. This is where coaching can help.

My Change for Good package leads you through the stages required to make a change in your life. The science of behavioural psychology has a lot to teach us about how best to embed good habits and get rid of bad habits. Using these principles, I will work with you through each stage, individually tailoring the coaching to set you up to achieve your goal.

This package is designed to complement the work of Susan Birch, exercise and nutrition specialist, who can design an exercise and eating plan that is right for your body. As many of her clients find, it’s all very well knowing what they should be doing, but it’s a whole other thing to actually do it consistently. When you bring on board an understanding of the psychology of change, along with the support of a coach, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can achieve. Find out more.

Coaching to Suit

Whatever challenge you are facing, or goal you want to reach, I can tailor a coaching package to get you there and support you along the way. Contact me to book in for a free assessment now to get started.

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