The world of science is complex, and developing a successful career as a scientist is challenging.

Often we leave our career to chance and follow opportunities as they come up.

Sometimes this leads us down a blind alley, stranded without funding. Or maybe a lack of confidence in our abilities holds us back from reaching the next level. Maybe you’ve landed that dream job, but it coincides with the desire for a family. How do you succeed at your career, while still retaining other parts of your life?

I can help. I’m a strategist by nature and I understand the complexities and conflicting demands of the science environment. My coaching techniques will help you gain a new perspective on where you are at, what you need, and where to go next. As a scientists myself, I speak your language.

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“Lisa provided very valuable coaching to me when I needed to make a critical decision in my career. Lisa’s background in science, as well as her own life journey and understanding of the challenges of a science career, meant that her advice and insights were perfect for me! The coaching was intense, well-structured and holistic. Through Lisa’s coaching I gained the tools and insights I needed to make the right career choice. I’d definitely take the opportunity to use Lisa as a life coach if you are looking to make some critical decisions about your future”.

Scientist, Rotorua, August 2016 

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