A coach helps you step outside your situation to have a clearer view of the way ahead.

With the encouragement, support and accountability a coach provides, you can resolve your challenges and get to where you want to be in life.

Coaching vs Counselling

At its heart, coaching deals with the present and future, whereas counselling deals with the past. You might seek out a counsellor if you were struggling with significant problems or dealing with impacts of past events. By contrast, a coaching relationship might be useful if you are generally happy with your life, or may even be highly successful, but need assistance to navigate a challenge or reach a goal.

Coaching works from the assumption that you are whole and able, providing support and guidance to help you find your own solutions. A coach does not pass judgement, provide advice, or tell you what to do. With the deep listening, incisive questioning and gentle guidance provided by a coach you’ll find all the answers you need inside yourself.

You may also be wondering what the difference is between ‘life coaching’ and ‘professional coaching’…. Not a whole lot really. I prefer to use the latter term, in keeping with the International Coach Federation, to indicate my degree of training, professionalism and adherence to best practice. Coaching is not regulated in New Zealand so anyone can call themselves a coach, trained or not. As a result ‘life coaching’ can give the wrong impression. Thus I am a professional coach, helping people with challenges they are facing in their personal or professional lives.

Who works with coaches?

Coaching is suitable for anyone ready to make change in their life. To change unhelpful behaviours, deal with changing circumstances, embrace opportunity, achieve a goal or reach greater levels of success. If you’ve hit a road block, feel stuck, or are daunted by a challenge, coaching is for you.

Am I the coach for you?

If you can relate to any aspect of my story, or you like my web site, I may be the coach for you. As a trained scientist and confirmed introvert, I can especially relate to scientists and knowledge professionals with a logical bent. If you are concerned that coaching might be too ‘touchy-feely’ for you, I get it. Soften up, and give it a go anyway. You may surprise yourself.

If you’re feeling a stirring of interest, get in touch with me to arrange a free, no obligation assessment. This is a chance for me to give you a taste of my style of coaching, and for you to decide if I’m your kind of coach. We also work together to develop a coaching plan to suit you. I coach in person in Rotorua, or via Skype pretty much anywhere.

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