Are you struggling to do the science you love?

Everything else just keeps getting in the way. Part of you probably wants to curl up in the corner and let your kids/collaborators/partner/team/boss/family figure it out for themselves for once.

But you won’t because above all else you are diligent, committed and trustworthy. People are relying on you and you can’t let them down. Besides, owning up to failure is not an option. You’re a woman trying to prove herself in a science career. Showing weakness feels like letting the side down. Girl’s can do anything, can’t they?

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve burnt myself out trying to please everyone. Coaching helped me change my life and find a healthier way to be in the world, while following my passion. I know my coaching techniques will change your life too. You can do anything, but you don’t have to do everything. The shift in perspective that I can give you will get you back on top and feeling satisfied with your life.

Get in touch to make a time to chat with me – no cost, no obligation. What I’m offering might be just what you need right now. I look forward to hearing your story.

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